What’s New

For Shoppers:

  • We will have 4 private dressing rooms and a large group dressing room. This will help speed up the wait times for the dressing room line. Tank tops and/or leggings are recommended for trying on items in this dressing room.

For Consignors:

  • Although we will still be providing pant hangers, we will only be providing them for pants/jeans and shorts.┬áSkirts, Athletic Shorts, Strapless Tops and All Leggings, will be required to be clipped on a plastic hanger with clothespins.

    Wide neck tops/dresses and open kimonos will also need to be secured to plastic hangers with clothespins. *See photos for examples*

  • NEW DROP OFF REQUIREMENT – At time of drop off please bring a large bin/tub with your consignor number boldly printed on it. We will use these bins when sorting your items back to you. If you are donating all your unsold items you do not need to leave a bin.
  • NEW TAGS…All items must have the new tags. Any items brought with previous event tags will not be accepted. If you are consigning an item that you have attempted to sell before, we are asking that you lower the price and print a new tag.
  • LulaRoe brand five item limit
  • No Jeans with white stitching