Shopper Info

Summer Shopping Schedule

Wednesday, June 19th

  • 11am – Volunteers working 3 or more shifts
  • 12pm – Volunteers working 2 shifts
  • 1pm – Volunteers working 1 shift
  • 2pm – Consignor pre-sale
  • 5-8pm – VIP Girl’s Night Out

Thursday, June 20th

  • 10am-7pm – Public Sale

Friday, June 21st

  • 10am-7pm – Public Sale

Saturday, June 22nd

  • 10am-3pm – Public Sale
  • 4pm-6:30pm – Consignor/Volunteer Discount Day pre-sale

Sunday, June 23rd

Discount Day

  • 10am-4pm – Public sale
  • Admission is FREE
  • Parking is FREE
  • Please bring your own bag for your purchases. We will have large Ikea bags for use while shopping, but we would like to cut down on the use of plastic shopping bags.
  • All sales are FINAL
  • Small purses only. Large handbags and backpacks will NOT be allowed into sale.
  • Dressing rooms will be available.
  • We will have five PRIVATE dressing room, and one large GROUP dressing room.
    • To prevent large lines for trying on items, the “group” dressing room will be provided.
    • Grab a friend, Grab some clothes, and Grab a deal by being able to try on your items quickly, and get back out shopping for more!
    • Tank tops and/or leggings are recommended for trying on items in this dressing room.
  • Methods of payment accepted: Cash, Visa and Mastercard (ID Required)
  • Prices are as marked.
  • The last day of the sale is Discount Day. Any Items marked “Discount” will be sold at ½ the listed price!
  • Want to get a better idea of what our store looks like set up? Click here to go to our FB page and click on photos to see our previous sales.